Sunday, 20 November 2011

Who wants to be a millionaire?

Ah the meaning of Life. yeah that one.

We all wonder what the hell that is. don't we? ( yes you too. You just don't remember. You were too drunk.

It must be different for everyone right.

Like that grown woman guest who s walking around the hostel talking to her teddy bear ( it s not that that bothered out dear night receptionnist Totoro the most. It's when she wanted to cook her special meal at 2.20AM)

Yeah Life must have a different meaning for her.

We were wondering the other day for breakfast with my '' fellow travellers in limbo''
So we asked the next best thing to God. The I phone 4.

Yes you can talk to your phone now. To people on the phone? NO. To YOUR phone.

Asking questions to a Robot phone is WAY less weird than talking to a teddy bear these days.

Yes, Life has a different meaning for everyone.

My friend MI5 just asked his I phone 4 '' What's the meaning of Life? ''
( Why MI5? Because he just gave up trying to explain what he was doing in Life to his family so he told them he was working for MI5)

I still think he does for REAL.

Apart from the obvious answer of 42 ( Read ''the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy'') the I phone 4 Had no clue.

We're going to have to figure that one out by ourself. Even Tesco self check out machines won't tell you.

Because Life must mean something different to each and everyone of us.

The other day I show up to work with my hair done ( that's how girls call '' Give your hair a third degree burn'' ... right?) ,with make up on and very nervous.

'' How do I look ?'' I say to my colleagues.

They all had the '' OMG she's going on a date'' look .

Oh no.Not that AGAIN. She will 1/ have a 2h relationship before she freaks out and end it 2/ think for a whole month that the guy is held hostage in Turkmenistan when he's just not willing to call back. ( By the way I 'm still sure that spanish guy needs my help)

No I was not going on a date ( I can hear your sigh of relief from here)

I was going to have my picture taken for my new passport.

And us ,travellers , we take our passport seriously. It's like home.
What would I save first from a building on fire? My passport.
What would I bring on a deserted island with me? My passport.

After taking a million shots I was not happy with , the photographer, trying hard to NOT lose patience ends up telling me :

''you know , we all look crap in our passport picture''
and charged me 8 quid for the worst picture of the Universe.

Life must have meant something different to him too.

My Life was critical. I will look like shit on my new passport.For 10 WHOLE YEARS. Drama.

On the bright side, even if I look like crap after a long flight I will STILL look better than in my passport picture. SORTED. Happy again.

Of course we figured that Life must be about being rich. Since we're all broke.
Because in Life , apparently you either have to be realistic ... or loaded.

Somewhere between the end of school and your third job enters you randomly start thinking :

'' Be realistic. Life is not like in the movies''

It's fine when you're a kid to want to be an astronaut or believe in Santa. You can do whatever you want and be whoever you want.

Then , somewhere along the line you suddenly stop thinking that and start thinking about being realistic. Unless you're freaking loaded and THEN you can do what you want.

Mmmmmm ... what ?

So we started to want to play Euromillion.Of course we NEVER actually played. Why? Because we'd have the same freaking life if we won. We would just stop worrying about money all the time.

Where else in the world could we hear broke people having the following conversation:

'' I'm going to France next week so I won't see you for a bit'' I say to my friends at the hostel.
'' I'm going to Paris for the week end'' says one
'' Me too we should meet! '' says an other one
'' Off to Copenhaguen'' MI5 adds.
'' Okay guys , have a good time , see you next week!''
And Dwight who just got back from Prague.

And that's just a normal everyday conversation in Kipps Brighton.

Who needs to be a freaking millionaire when you can be broke and unrealistic and do it anyway ?

Yes, Life has a different meaning for everyone.

Then I read a book called ''the 4 hour work week'' By Timothy Ferriss.

and when I read ‎'' living like a millionaire requires doing interesting things and not just owning enviable things'' it all clicked.

You know, the meaning of Life and everything. It's about being freaking Happy. Yay!

Do what you find deeply exciting. Get unrealistic and do things you love.
The fear? No mate, it will NEVER go away.

The barriers you build for yourself ? They probably will.

The other day I was so excited to finally have bought my phone a SD card ( that I could not afford) I went in town at 7am to take random pictures to share with the world ( aka Facebook)
For some reason this picture ''talked'' to many people. They could just read my excitment. When you do what you love, people love it too.

And Yes , I love waking up at 4am to write. So I just do it. It's 5am now.

Do what you love as often as you can. And it's very likely that the rest of the time.... You will love what you do. And also respect that what other people love can be different but equally as important.

That's how I got talking to my guest's teddy bear the other morning. Gulliver. That was his name. How cool to have someone named Gulliver in a backpackers hostel.

Life is too short to be small.

And that , mate , is worth millions.

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