Saturday, 21 January 2012

Free Spirit

Ah travelling without a plan.... Adventures, taking risks, not knowing where you'll be tomorrow, seizing the moment.... The best way to free your spirit and see where it wants to take you. Stuff that you 'd never dare to do back home.
Life as it should be. With the roller coaster and that.

Guess where MY free spirit took ME? To stay in a house in the suburbs with a man . THAT , mate I would NEVER do back home, for sure.
Hey, Spirit... you're kidding me right?

'' I'm usually not that type of girl '' I tell him trying to reassure me after what I had just done. Did I really do that? Oh nooooo.......

It's Sunday morning . I'm wearing an apron and I'm holding a broom. I just cleaned the whole house. Including folding Male underwear. I even asked him THE question '' DO YOU HAVE ANY LAUNDRY to do? ''

People who know me will laugh. People who know me well will try to get me Home ( wherever that is) ASAP.

I look around me.The bed is neatly made, the bathroom spotless and the kitchen shines.
Seriously. ME.
The only time I would do this back home was at my work. And I was paid good money to do so. I probably miss my work, that's it.

But it's not like I'm being held hostage or I have to do this for accommodation. I ENJOY IT. ( scary huh)

You know what? 2 days ago I even cooked.....! Since then? We're having tuna sandwiches.

He gave me a precious tip that I shall remember my whole life. Any shit food tastes amazing with a French name.
So now, I name my food in French. Like : '' pommes de terre brulees et ses petites carottes pas cuites'' Sounds cool hey?
It means '' burnt potatoes and uncooked baby carrots'' .

It's awesome to be French in Australia.

A woman stopped me on the street the other day to tell me : '' You have the best tattoo I've ever seen'' . Yeah, my tattoo says '' Made in France'' . I was very careful to hide it back home in England or even back home in France ( That's f****** racist mate), I don't even try to go to Italy anymore ( not that I want to) , I haven't tried to get in to the US with it yet but I would probably have to change it to ''Made in Liberty Fries country'' , but here , in Australia, I can show it proudly. Yay.

'' It was really good to meet you, I could change my vision of French people'' says my Melbourne man.

Sure. French women are known to be classy, mysterious, always sexy, confident and good looking.


Then he told me what some Aussies REALLY thought about the French. The Truth.
Precious , delicate, arrogant, smug, know-it-all and no sense of humour, plus they all own French poodles ( Where the F**** did they get that one from)

I just replied one (very meaningful) thing to end this awful cliché:

'' No, we're not ALL from Paris..............''

We go out in town on Saturday night and meet several people in the local pub.
'' You're from France?'' says that older man , giving me THE look '' and you're coming HERE in this pub... in ''Bogan Town Frankston'' ?''

Why not? I don't get it.... Ah, maybe I'm too ''precious''..... So I went on talking to him about random things drinking my 3rd beer (thus completely drunk) for a couple of minutes.

He left, probably thinking French people are not that precious or classy in the end. They just have a problem with alcohol.
That's an improvement .... right?

I went home drunk holding an Australian Flag that we stole somewhere .. speaking frenglish. Now THAT 's travelling ( for me anyway)

If opening up people's mind (including mine) and break clichés is where my free Spirit is taking me, then I'm in.

But next time...Give me a French maid's apron 

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