Thursday, 12 April 2012

Imagine there 's no countries ( and no religion too)

I ve got the strange ability to adapt to the country I live in.

People would say '' get a personality, dude''
The strange thing is, I am still ME. The girl who chats too much , loses everything, likes voluntary work and think she 's getting paid for it, loves writing and make other people laugh usually by embarrassing herself . I just do it differently according to WHERE I am.

As I said we are all the same but brought up to think we are different.

When you travel you become sensitive to what we call '' the country's vibe'' . aka the thoughts people have about the country they live in. It shapes their identity somehow.

I once heard that our thoughts create our reality ( I still don't understand why I m not rich yet by the way, I always think I am but my bank doesn't. They don't get the '' rich in the inside'' thingy. )

Each country creates a different national energy . That's how you create cliches , put them into people's heads and eventually re create them into people 's everyday lives, which in turn creates '' The country's vibe''

Australia is well known to be chilled out , Asians were brought up to think they were different from ''us'' , The UK is a fast paced nation where achievement seems to be the key to a successful Life. Time to myself? When do I get time to myself? ( and yes, you're proud of it too ) .

The French always complaining ( we haven't managed to get over the revolution) and seen to be arrogant ( why has God invented Parisians???)

So I'm chilled out when I'm in Oz , I feel different and resent the White Tourists when I am in Thailand, I'm an over achiever in the UK. And you understand why I don't want to live in France anymore.
I pick up the national vibe and apply it to my personal Life. Talk about magic power.

The funniest parts are when I'm in'' transition''. My transition usually lasts for 2 days or so. I got so bored in Australia the first couple of days I went back there from the UK I thought the clock had stopped. My first couple of days back to the UK after Australia had had the opposite effect. It was like watching a movie in fast forward mode . Damn , has it been a week already ? Wait I'm not ready , I need to chill , where's the beach ,mate. What? Pebbles? You must be kidding me?

Most young Aussies I know here LOVE Europe. They end up taking up smoking , binge drinking and dating random people from various countries ( all that in just one day). Then? They go Home to settle, marry and look at Europe on Google Earth because they are finally done with fast pace.

But What if we were more than our culture ?

Imagine there's no countries...

Hang on , someone has said that BEFORE. Damn. The best things have already been written. But yet not understood by all ( thank God I still have a job).

Here I am, listening to '' Imagine '' from John Lennon, in Starbucks coffee ( shame on me.But I'm on UK vibe remember?) while drinking a cold 1 pound filter coffee.

Damn, this guy had a point.

I ve plugged back in to the UK vibe without realizing it. Achievement is the key word. I had to write so many hours a day ,meet my targets or I could not chill out in the evening. And guess what? When you 're a writer it does not bloody work. You can overwork any job, but not that one. Ever heard of writers' block ? Yep , that one . That's when you remember that you have to be YOU . D'oh. ( How do you do that? Just be you. WHAT? )

One day of ''forced '' chilling out later < ie going for long boring walks on the beach , doing a whole hour of meditation wondering what the f**** point of counting your breaths is , reading books ( and wish I was the author) , and moaning about everything ( it does hurt my British self to chill out ) > inspiration is BACK. Wow. I AM BACK. Yes, I have to fight to remember I'm more than my country's vibe.

Living in a hostel is the best way to understand that there is no such thing as countries in the end. When we're done laughing about how rigid the Germans are , how apologetic the Brits are , how arrogant the French are and how slow the Swiss are you start digging deeper and see what different individual talents we all have and how we can put them TOGETHER to live a peaceful life.

You've got the guy good at cooking , the one good at communication , the other one who has excellent organisation skills. That one knows about Nature and how to protect it. Everything to create a damn good community. We don't need a guy to rule all these people. We don't even NEED rules actually. If it works for a small community. Imagine for the whole world.

No rules. Have we tried that one before? Oh yeah , in my country. The French revolution, that one . We just forgot the bit where we live in Peace TOGETHER. See how THAT turned out .We ELECTED the next best thing to a king to make decisions for us ( and not with us) . Epic failure. Oh well, we haven't lost it all. Now the world knows at least one french singer who's not dead ( yet) : Carla Bruni. ( and she's Italian)

Loving people for who they really are is way easier ( although you have to try harder). That's how complete strangers invite you for their Easter Friday dinner .You end up telling them stuff about you that would not even tell your own sister ( 5 bottles of wines helped a little though)
That's how you go and watch a little boy play guitar with his band in a pub on a Sunday afternoon and feel so proud of him that you forgot you only met him a week before.

... And no religion too sings John Lennon now

It reminds me of my Easter Sunday.
I went to a catholic church ( in England haha) with an awesome tattooed and pierced Irish dude from New York I met 2 days ago.He's a full on Christian who gave up coffee for Lent ( but not booze or cigarettes, don't be silly) .
Half the people in the church were Polish and the other half hungover ( and probably Polish too) But still, Churches were all full that day... People still believe. But thet forgot what in.

Back home at the hostel we had too google Jesus to know his full story. So he rose from the dead on the Sunday then. Like the rest of us. We just call it hangover over here.
Then Easter got a whole different meaning when the hot male Swedish staff member decided to wear bunny ears.

Religion. we all sort of know it 's rubbish and it leads to wars and that but we ALL know that we could have done better with it. That guy called Jesus did.

Deep inside We know there is someone to believe in ( we all know it's NOT Sarkozy)

We just need to remember that this someone is .... OURSELVES.

It's easy if you try.....

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