Sunday, 3 June 2012

Get a Life ( if it's yours , it's even better)

Another job bites the dust. Annabelle the nanny was as good as Annabelle the waitress , Annabelle the dishwasher, the gardener, Annabelle the French lover in Melbourne or Annabelle the buddhist nun in Thailand ( I 'm still quite proud of that one though) . ie NOT GOOD. 

You've been following me for more than a year for most of you and you must be wondering what the does my life look like when I'm NOT stepping into strangers' worlds and live THEIR life. 

Yes I do have a Life. I just thought I had to give it up  to see the world. 

My life was to work in Kipps , a backpackers' hostel in the UK. Actually 2 backpackers. One in Canterbury , one in Brighton. I could never pick my favourite!

As I'm looking back , giving up on MY life was not the smartest thing to do. I ve heard there was something called the law of attraction . What you give is what you get. 

So I give up on MY life and of course all lives I ve lived after that all gave up on ME.

That would have been handy to know about this law of attraction before losing 2 jobs , a man and a country in 4 months. 

Anyway, it's all about experience i ve heard. 

'' We should all have a base , a Life to go back to'' everyone keep on telling me before I went traveling . 

That's when Annabelle the French arrogant stepped in and called herself a citizen of the world. 

Home is where the Heart is . All you need is love and a backpack .

Sure. I now have at least 5 homes around the world and many many families. But hey , can you live with your family your whole Life? 

Time to cut the cord with your families around the world Annabelle. 

Time to live YOUR life. 

What? But it's way too early..... I'm only 33 years old........ 

Settling down , commitment, not live in a kids room, you know. GET. A. LIFE. not just A life , YOUR life. 

Great, how do we do that again? 

First , letting go of the past. 
The what? 

I'm fine. 

(  getting  over denial is the first step ) 

When you start all your sentences with '' In Australia'' you know there is a lot of let go to do. 

When you lose your job and house in England and the only thing that makes you cry on that day was the fact that your old car was taken to the wreckers in AUSTRALIA and you could not say good bye. 
R I P  chouchou ( name of the car)
I can’t get over it.

I remember sitting at the train station waiting for my train to Canterbury with my backpack and crying my eyes out because of A CAR that I will never see again. 

I 'm turning into a ....... MAN.  Great...... 
'' Annabelle , Australia is GONE, you are back here now, stop waiting for your life to start. '' says my best friend that day at Starbucks a couple of days later . He had the tissues ready expecting me to burst into tears any minute because he knows me well. Of course I did. He knows me so well. 

So I burst into tear in Starbucks, Brighton. 

Women were giving me compassionate looks that meant '' bastard, he's dumping you over coffee at Starbucks'' 
Men were feeling sorry for him obviously ( you should have just texted her , mate) 

I had a shock that day and felt jet lagged like I just finally landed from Oz.. 2 months after actually landing. AUSTRALIA IS GONE. MY LIFE IS HERE AND NOW. 

My next excuse to NOT get the job of my dreams was the writing. My best excuse so far I guess : I can't do a job that I love because I don't want to give up writing. 

I don't know where that Annabelle logic came from but it definitely worked for the past year and a bit. 

I was just waiting. Waiting for what? Mmmmm wait. I don't know?! 

Ah that's it. Waiting for my Life to start. When I make enough money ...... When I go back to Australia ...... When my book gets published .....

How about now? 

Now? I hadn't thought about that one yet....... 

Ok. I'm going back to MY Life. 

A week later I was in a pub in Canterbury fighting for Melbourne over Sydney with Aussie girls , drinking beer  updating Twitter and facebook every 5 minutes while entertaining backpackers  with my traveling stories in South East Asia. The day after I was making pancakes for a bunch of hungry travellers in Kipps Brighton.. I even managed to not burn one or 2. They're even laughing at my jokes. wow. 

They're from all around the world , and I can see myself in each and every one of them .... 

THAT? It's only my job And it is MY whole Life too... !
Last night I talked to a girl from Murwillumbah ( where I lived in Oz for 9 months. MY town.  How awesome . I even managed to recommend her the B&B from my Aussie parents in Mount Burell , which she will go to one day. How cool is THAT.   

Sometimes we are trying so hard to see the world that we don't realise that the only thing we ever had to do was.... to let the world come to us ...

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