Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Anyone can do it

'' Annabelle why don't you write your blog anymore?'' asked Mama and Big Sister obviously missing reading about their own lives every morning on the internet.
'' Don't know I guess my life is desperatly normal. Nothing exciting to write about. Ordinary life . '' I answer naturally.
They both give me the '' are we talking about the same life?'' look
Get a life Annabelle.
Turning the ordinary into extraordinnary. That's why I do best as a writer.
So I did what I usually do when I lose my way. I decide to write the book of my life like the chick in it is not really me. And only focusing on good things in this life. ( it does help a lot )
Oh so much fun.
So It's that chick who lives in a backpackers hostel and who also works there....
She s doing it because she absolutely loves it. Most of the time she forgets what day of the week it is because it's no longer important. There's no longer counting days to the week end.
Because 1/ she loves what she s doing
2/ at the week end, we work more anyway.
What that chick loves the most is the diversity of her daily life. There is not one day like the other although the structure looks the same.
Just the single act of going to the bathroom from her bedroom in is an adventure ...
'' Applauso for Annabeeeeeeelle'' shouts the Last Napolitan as I run through the kitchen to reach the bathroom in my nighties.
( Sound of 10 men clapping and cheering )
Reaching the bathroom at last I have a random chat with a guy from Uzbekistan I had ckecked in a few hours before .Now you've got him trying his best to forget he left me a smelly bathroom and me trying my best to forget I 'm holding my clean undies in my right hand.
'' So ... are you here for studies?''
When she's in the shower a young muscular Romanian guy knocks on the door saying
'' Dinner has arrived, Annabelle''
Dinner was ordered by Big Sister and Mamma. It's my favourite chinese food. Next to us the Chinese backpackers are eating our free English Chocolate cake.
'' Wear it NOW'' Big sister had bought some other clothes to add up to the mountain I have in my room. When I first got here from Australia in March I had 2 dresses 1 pair of jeans and about 2 tee shirts. That s all I had left after I got rid of all my Winter clothes in Melbourne on a hot day. When it's 40 degrees and you re wearing a heavy backpack you are NOT thinking about next Winter.
But next Winter does come. Shit. What do I do now?
Now / I 'm running out of space to fit all the branded clothes she gets me for a ridiculous cheap price.
My most favourite '' normal day'' is Sunday. I work from 8 to 4. Reception + cleaning+ reception. You can either see it like this ( normal) or actually look for what you love in it. What I love is diversity. So diversity it is!
In the lounge 2 kids are watching Sponge Bob in their pyjamas holding their teddies. In the kitchen some french hikers are looking for more hot water to put in their bowl of coffee. Yes, the French are the only people in the world who have their morning coffee in a bowl. One of them opens the fridge and it now smells of dirty feet. Yes the french are the only people in the world who travel with their smelly cheese.
Upstairs , 20 hungover British dudes are slowly waking up trying to remember what they did last night .One of them is still wearing Sponge Bob clothes. The Brits call it a Stag do.
in the breakfast room the rest of the french hikers and their bowl of coffee pausing for the picture I am taking. I tell them I m also a writer, that my book is coming out in ''our''country sometime in the following weeks.
you can order it online ........
( selfish bitch)

I also tell them that they will now be part of my new project : creating a new blog about '' normal'' people who have extraordinnary projects and who are going for it...thinking it's normal.
These ones want to walk to Rome in.... 10 years. A group of friends meeting 5 to 6 times a year to hike 20 to 40km on the Via Francigena.
The weird thing is , when you have something you feel passionate for and believe in it, it's like Life conspires to give you what you desire. It's like it's giving the ink for my next book!
in 2 weeks I met a guy who cycled 8 countries in 2 weeks, 2 blokes who were following their drunken pub talk cycling to Germany in 3 weeks , a retired american lady who jumped on the plane with her bike THE DAY she retired with no plan of coming back. And my french friend who managed to get to South America to teach tennis in schools in just 3 months.
They all tell me the same thing :
'' Anyone can do it''
Normal ( for them)
'' So you're a writer??????'' they're now looking at me with big eyes like I deserve a medal for it.
'' Yeah what's the big deal? Anyone can be a writer. It's not about talent it's about being stubborn enough. '' I answer naturally. I do mean it. And I can tell you that I see famous writers in a different light .
( Shakespeare : I know your secret now )
The secret? It s mainly to have a goal, a purpose you feel strongly for. And be stubborn enough to Stick to it, believe in it, wake up for it every morning. And never take anything or anyone for granted. Never forget how lucky you are to live this life, every single day, be grateful for everyone around you for they are here to help you achieve what '' anyone can do''

Then watch your daily life closely .
It will be anything but........ Normal

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