Friday, 6 May 2011

Stuck in the middle with you

A new life. In town.. How exciting. WALKING  to the supermarket, have a coffee somewhere you do not have to wash to cup as you go. Wow. Oh and what is that? a h.a.i.r.d.r.e.s.s.e.r.... Magic. Murwillumbah. A town that still looks like a big village but hey I have to go slow after 4 months of bush / jungle. I get to call it ''Murbah'' now. That's the cool name for it. I don't only work in a cafe in Murbah. I LIVE in Murbah. Flash.

And I'm a whole new person you see. When did I become that fat?. I've learned so much in the jungle/bush. I've become so spiritual. When did my hair start looking like a Xmas tree? 3 coulours + grey. I learnt that we are all interconnected. where did my fitness go. I am just average now. I want to be good. I have to be good. I also learnt during meditation and communion with Nature that I was a... I'm so poor. I  won't make it. 
Ok stop. What's that bloody voice in my head , what's happening to me? F.E.A.R. Fear of what? And then I got it. Welcome back to my life SOCIETY, it's been a while.
You get back and I forget 4 months of my life. Like they are a dream and were somehow not real. All I've learnt about what life is really about  seems crazy  all of a sudden. ( NB I won't even tell you about that or you ll all chip in to book me a single ticket to a Nut House in Europe right now. )
Dear society. My spiritual friends told me they could not cope with you anymore. That  they had to move permanently to the jungle/ bush to get away from you so they can be themselves. I will not lie to you Society. I am not totally one of  them. No I could not live without you for very long. Yes that's why I've watched 24 episodes of Grey's Anatomy in 3 days. I needed to get back to you somehow.
I'm back. Some call it Reality. Some others the World of Illusion. And here I am. Stuck in the middle ... with you. I wish I could remember what I've learnt these past 4 months. I took some notes. There I was, looking for ''who I am''  in a notebook. Later I walked past a sign that read '' You cannot step into the same river twice. And it's not just the river that's changed''. Then I remembered who I was. Great. So I decided to jump in. An appointment to the hairdresser later I was having my hair cut reading Okay magazine. It did not hurt after all. Me and my uptown girl haircut are ready for the challenge.
So how do we play it Society? Okay , I'll play by your rules but please do not ever, ever let me forget who I am again. Thanks. Mate.

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