Monday, 7 January 2013

Why the french complain so much ( merde) ...

France is the country of good food, good wine , style, love, passion , freedom, great views , the best healthcare in the world, cheapish houses, dog shits...
So why are all these french people STILL complaining ? And what are they complaining about?

We usually  complain about 2 things that go well together:

First, The government. That's a good one. Politics is the main subject of conversation in France because it will always be something to complain about. Something to go against and to fight for.
The socialists will be criticized by the conservatives and the conservatives by... most.

The last 5 years were the happiest days of french complaining.

 Under Sarkozy we had most of the country ashamed to be french and now that he's gone , all our famous people are leaving to not pay taxes in France ( and graduallly  become Russian , Belgian , Swiss, English.) Mind you , one wants to move out because the government is failing to protect 2 elephants from getting killed. All that is making the French even more ashamed to be French.

So is being french something to be ashamed of or do we REALLY complain for no reason?

Obviously the second thing we complain about is money. But we refuse to work extra hours or on Sundays.
Or everyday between 12 and 2. Or pay more taxes. It's all the government's fault anyway.

The other day , I was looking at a blog from an Aussie friend who currently lives in France , she does not seem to have a minute to complain about elephants, taxes that are too high or the weather . Travelling from North to South , eating all the good regional stuff and meeting cool french people on the way, sharing anything they have with her.

Now THAT is France. That's it. I remember France. From traveling. All my foreigner friends admiring me for being french. Classy , romantic ( yeah right) . And how they LOVED visiting my country. Paris , Monnet, croissants, Champagne, Montmartre, Moulin Rouge, Champs Elysées, Amour , vin rouge ...

So... The only positive image I have from my country comes from.... FOREIGNERS?

Mmmmmm .... I wonder why......

 When you ask my people, the French,   why they complain so much , they kindly reply " to leave a better world to the next generation" . Where would the world be without passionnate fighters like the French?

And If they knew they only had to ask foreigners to realise they ALREADY are living in a better world but they fail to see it, they would still complain because  they just love it  , and that 's how , in the end,  the world knows and loves the French....

Bonne journée


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