Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Behind every great man there is a great woman

This Life is like British weather. Unpredictable. you have  start relying on another level to live your Life. Because you realise that All you have ever been told about Life as we know it becomes totally obsolete.

You then learn that there is no such thing as .... Genders.

'' Lunch is ready!'' Big Sister yells from downstairs.

'' I am a lucky man! '' I say to on of the guests . I suddenly felt like the Bread winner of the family.

.I have been deep cleaning the whole hostel with the girls for 3 weeks now. And I like me lunch on the table when I finish work.

Yes, I deeply understand men who marry girls who can cook for them at anytime. I am one of them.
But Mama had to leave to Brighton again.

Me at 2pm after a hard cleaning session with a blank expression on my face, totally lost.


The intern looks at me '' Annabelle , you're cooking today I'm off to the shower''

Who do you think I am? A freaking woman?

I finally resumed cooking for myself.

Guests , looking at what I'm cooking '' What is it Annabelle?''
Me : '' Survival''

Ok, so I tend to behave like a man sometimes. Is that alright doctor?
I have learnt in my travels that we all have a feminine and masculine side equally strong inside of us . We all are masculine and feminine.

Our feminine part feels the emotions and has the intuition , the creativity , the masculine part has the will power and acts. This blog post is a delighful mix of my feminine side and my masculine side. ( any tips welcome)

Somehow, sometime in History we started to think that Women represented the Feminine and Men , the masculine. It was easier to make people think that. Someone had to create a society. And teaching people to express both their masculine / feminne sides would have been a long and tiring job.

We're paid by the hour over here. Let's teach them some crap instead.

And God created schools....

So we get confused when our aim is actually quite simple : balance out our 2 sides to have the Life that we want.

I did not quite get the balance part yet, you may have gathered. I'm quite of an extreme version of both genders.
I'm a woman. You can't miss it. Men can rarely gather the will power to look up to see my eyes.

In other words I've got a mix of Al Bundy , Jean Claude Vandamme , Margaret Thatcher and Lady Diana living inside of me.

O joy.

In my bag I always have 2 books.

At the moment you cannot find more extreme.

'' 50 shades of Grey'' for the lady

And a book from Bill Bryson, my all times role model, for the man.

When people ask me why I 'm single........ I don't know what to say , really.

( If you have strange mix inside of you too , please apply within)

Most people have a problem expressing their feminine side ( '' I'm not gay mate'' or '' I'm too busy for that crap''  ) so it results in binge drinking , chain smoking , over working and over eating : the only way to repress the creativity that wants to get out.
Been there, done that. Now that it's finally expressing itself after 2 years of intense self discovery , I 've got to learn to cope with it.
I've become a writer and I cry when I can't make the whole world happy ( ie I very often cry) and I 'm so intensely in touch with my intuition that I know what most people feel around me ( quite handy at times) and I can guide them with my intuition too. Wow.

Yet, I'm the toughest emotionless person too. My manager calls me '' bitch'' because I make her run 45 minutes every morning at 6am.
I run BEHIND her to make sure she keeps going. My tough side scares me a little. Because it is VERY tough.

So, During the day, at work, it is either :

'' Annabelle made the intern cry again''
'' Annabelle is crying again''
However I'm starting to learn the balance thingy  because I see it in others now. Especially my girl friends here.
Mama stands on a widnow seal with a hammer and a nail after we cleaned the whole hostel for 8 hours straight AND then cooks for 10 people , Big Sister comes and exterminates any spider you possibly can imagine with the emotion of a stone then she'll come to you and do your nails and hair , giggling.

But still , we have the image in our head of Life as we know it ( years of mind training I guess)

'' Come , now'' Big sister says . She wants to show me something she got me I suppose.. She gets me new clothes from Charity everyday now.

'' For you'' she says pointing at a guy.

I'm now in the garden staring at  Mister Muscle from Italy.

'' Hi'' I say to the guy , obvisously a guest, as suprised to see me standing there as I am to see him

'' Sorry but Who the F*** is he?'' I whisper to her.

'' Friend of the last Napolitan. You need Italian lover Annabelle. ''

SURE.... But I'm gonna pass on that one. Too much masculine here.( I'm not gay) I like my men sensitive too. Thanks.
Yes, in this life , you have to learn who you really are and experience things for yourself .

So why not just enjoy other people's company instead of asking them to give us what we already have inside of us?

Just saying...

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