Saturday, 11 August 2012

What people think

When you live an original lifestyle  you have to Forget about what society wants you to be and be yourself. Get over what people expect to be and just be you,

Easy , you re going to think.My mother does not live here.

But other people do stay here. And I seem to have plenty of mothers at the moment.

'' Annabelle. I will take you seriously when you're engaged. And kids. At your age people don t live like this. ''

''I thought you were my friend and you loved me. Why do you wish me married then? '' I answer. That's ALWAYS what I answer. Inside it pisses me off that people still expect that of me.

This guy has been back from his holiday for 2 hours and he 's already pissing me off with marriage and kids.

' I m talking to my Italian friend. 50 something .He s been hiding his age to everyone including himself for the past decade. We ve known each other for 8 years.

We have fought for....... 8 years. Italian vs French. Ya know....

However We got more mature now ( sorry I got more mature) , we don't fight as loud as before.

'' Look who's talking anyway ? ' I add angrily. Did I mention he 's lived in this hostel for 8 years and he s been divorced for 8 years and never had any kids? He sure can talk about normality.

'' Yes, but I'm a man. Women have to get married at some point''

Sure , so in his world, women get married to.......... EACH OTHER?

I ignore, remembering that my travels made me a wise spiritual being.

'' F**** You '' I say, wisely .

'' Don't worry Annnabelle, you ll find someone like you one day. It's never too late to get a mortgage and a house '' says the Dutch intern who wants kids at 25 maximum because she does want to be an old mum ( she says that to ME)

Mum , is it you talking?

I finally told the Italian that he d be my witness if I ever got married. And the intern my maid of honor. There you go. Everyone happy. There is no need fighting what people think about the world.
(Mmm I should remember that more often. The french rebel in me , maybe.)
Our sense on how we should live our lives is still here , somewhere in our head. Even when you know that it s a load of rubbish.

Living with other people from different countries make you realise that :

1/ Every country has a slightly different vision of what's good and what 's bad ( look at French food vs English food for example)

2/ The only way you can understand each other is to go passed that and live on YOUR idea of how you should live YOUR life. When you do , It strangely inspire everyone else to do the same.

'' So you don't have a husband or a family?''

10 people are now staring at me , expecting me to explain. HOW COME?

The guests and me just sat down at the pub after I took them on a walking tour around town.

It had started with the usual '' Oh shit when was the cathedral built again '' and me on google from my phone. Last minute planning. aka Annabelle's way of Life.

I ve done this tour for 4 weeks. And for 4 weeks I forgot the ONLY date I was supposed to remember.  597 AD.

Anyway , it's a lot of fun , giving guided tours. Exactly when you think everyone is bored they all thank you for a very very good time.

I'm annoyed by the question. But I remember There is no need fighting what people think about the world

'' My family is those people I live with and why would I have a husband when there are new men coming to my home EVERYDAY?''


My sense of humor always saves me (Thank you Britain)

I can't explain but something still bothers me. Some part of me still resists being different. And I want to explain myself ....
I do this because....

Who the hell cares what people think???

Mmmmm ME ? Shit.
'' She doesn't care , she's got a lover now'' says one of the interns.

'' That's such a french thing to do'' Replies the other

'' Her and Mama are on a diet '' adds someone else.

'' They're always drinking ! You two will lose weight when I am a virgin again'' Says Big Sister. And let me tell you it means A LOT.

Everyone laughs


'' WOULD YOU PLEASE STOP JUDGING ME. WHY DO YOU ALWAYS JUDGE ME !!!??? I finally tell them after a couple of glasses. I am pissed off. It's always Annabelle this , Annabelle do not do this , you should do this. STOOOOOP.

'' Because you're such an easy target Annabelle, we love you for that'' joked the Dutch intern.

Conclusion : people are only taking the piss out of you ONLY because you let them. D'oh.

Born from a traveller dad and a ''what are the neighbours going to think'' mum, what did I expect?


I don't know how these 2 met and how they have been together for over 35 years but those genes cannot co exist peacefully inside of me any more.

2 solutions :
1/ Stop worrying about what people think and no longer do everything I can to please them or make myself look stupid to make them feel better about themselves ( my favourite)

2/ Stop my lifestyle Because I litterally do the opposite of what's expected anyway.

'' I don't give a shit what people think'' says the 64 year old Spiritual healer I met in Brighton the other night when I asked her how she can openly say who she is ''in public'' ( witch)

She was wearing a pink dress and  make up, she was going to go clubbling with her grand daughter . And it's true. People did not want to take the piss out of her.

Because she did not let them. She takes full responsibilities for who she is.


The only way you can get any respect from people is when you stop caring about they think about you but still love them ....Just the way they are !

( Now Let's try that one out..... )

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