Thursday, 9 August 2012

The best book

When you write a blog you sometimes forget one very important thing : People read it.

Or maybe 2 very important things. People read it AND it's NOT FICTION. Not that imaginary life that you always wanted to live. IT S YOUR REAL LIFE.

So sometimes I write stuff and I think it's totally hilarious STORIES

Until you've got a guy telling you that everybody strangely started to call him '' British lover'' . Then you feel REALLY REALLY SMALL.

Annabelle, This book is called your life.

No bullshit innit.

Then you start wondering how these people around take all these stories. Most of them have a good laugh ( I can here them from my room sometimes)

Well, This one was alright too and even added :

'' You can use my real name in your book Annabelle, that's okay ''

One who understood the values of Free advertising. Glad I can help.

Writing a blog about your life has one important impact on it : you tend to give your best . Not in the experience but in the way you see your experience. Writing it helps you get the best out of it and the best in everyone in it . Awesome.


I decided to have a break from my crazy routine. yes, as crazy as it is , when any life becomes your daily life it is becoming a routine. Routine is everywhere. Routine is when you give up on your potential for the sake of comfort.

ROUTINE KILLS . Even in this Life where the unexpected rules. It's just an attitude.

Routine makes you feel too comfortable , you are no longer giving your best.

You know it 's there when you don't think '' we are doing this tonight yay'' but '' we're doing this AGAIN?

So I try to spice up my routine on purpose so I push myself a little further everyday.

When I catch myself thinking that ''cake night is boring'' I know if I think that, the rest of the guests will feel that. That's what being the host really means.

When I feel that, I throw myself a challenge.

The best was when I decided to bake the cake myself. The other guests decided to bake too , as a back up. We all ended up in the kitchen burning cakes together.

We never attracted more people than that night. Super exciting.

Last time was funny too. I could feel the boredom just seeing me cutting a chocolate cake and serve it to people who were watching the Olympics.

Shit, what do I do. If I'm bored, they will be ALL bored. Imagine how boring it is going to be.
So I decided to do a quiz about the Olympics.

EVERYONE was then in the lounge , so keen on it. I obviously made it look like I had planned it 3 years ago. What do i do now. Google. Olympic quiz. Print.
I bullshited my way though it until .... SHIT WHERE ARE THE ANSWERS. Even then I gave my best to stay calm . People absolutely loved it.

Every week it's the same things for us but with different people. That's the challenge. Do your best to change that routine EVERYDAY. Because it's the same, yes, but it's different, oh yeah.

Make the ordinary extraordinary and watch things around you totally change. you give your best,

You know it's too late though when :

You no longer see the lovely guests having tea and cake in our beautiful garden as potential new friends.
You're more like :

'' Who the F**** is in MY garden?''

Mmmm time for a breaaaaak.

So what do I do? I GO TO ANOTHER HOSTEL. Sure. But it's all different . Because you got the hell out of that comfort zone that makes you lazy and complacent.

Here I go to our Brighton hostel last night with British lover and other friends this one will stay I guess) .

And you start giving your best again. New people, new surroundings, new exciting stories. You don't want to hear stories from people living in Brighton. Actually , yes you might want to.

That's how you end up talking to 64 year old Spiritual Healer who came down to party in Brighton with her grand daughter. Random? Yay.

Annabelle, you have now killed your routine you may start to live again.

That's when you feel alive again. When you stop being caught up by your story and all the bullshit you think your poor self. and get out there and give your best.

If you don't save yourself from that, No one will. ( harsh innit)

To celebrate I was drinking a glass of wine while texting Mama to NOT drink a glass of wine since we 're both on a healthy diet plan. She was having one too. I knew it.

Canterbury this morning

'' Soooo ? '' 6 pairs of eyes were looking at me when I got Home. Mama and the interns.
I did not write a post this morning. They wanted to now ZE story.
'' I watched telly with my best friend eating pizza at his flat ''

Reaction :

1/ Boooooring

2/ Oh dear, she did not get any , how many rooms are we going to deep clean this week?

Hey, it's my book innit? , eating pizza catching up meant the world to me .

We spent the day adding new pages to the Kipps family book all giving our best in our very different ways.
You know when you've made it , well to me anyway, when your life could be a book YOU would love to read.
Whether other people like reading it is not your problem . You don't like what you see? Change it, write a new page. There is nothing to change or add. Give the best of yourself for yourself

Shit how do I end this article nicely. I usually ALWAYS have super cool endings.

Mmmm ....

Text message as I was writing this

Boss : '' Congratulations.''

Tax return I think. I 'm freaking loaded yeah. How much? 3000? More? Australia here I come for a couple of weeks and.........

Me : ( still wanted to double check) FOR WHAT ?

Boss : Our Canterbury Hostel won the best staff award for last June in the whole of Europe.

Good endings come to you if you can spot them that is. it's a Just a matter of timing.

And Guess what? I was over the moon. Way happier than if it was the tax return ( ok as happy) . What I just learnt  for myself was gold.

What you give , is what you get.

So Why give less than the best ?

Your life , your book.

( good ending innit)

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