Friday, 2 September 2011

Game over. Play again?

Ah travelling is a magic thing … You suddenly realise that life is full of experiences with a beginning and an end , that you have to make the most of it and love people for who they are. What have you got to lose? It’s like a game. You know the kind of video games where you have unlimited amount of lives. Yeah that one. So you just go for it.

That's how you end up having a beer in an Irish pub in Bangkok with a Russian chick reading a copy of The Sun printed in Spain out loud ( including page 3) . Yep I did attempt to hide my '' made in France'' Tattoo there, thinking there might be an actual Irish or 2 around drunk enough to call me names like Thierry Henry. But no. Only us and some Brits.And the Thai waitresses trying to put on the fakest Irish accent I've ever heard.

Ah travelling is a magic thing. Whatever you want to do? You just go for it. What have you got to lose? And suddenly, even the question ‘’ How can I get enough money to be able to eat properly?’’ becomes fun. Because it’s like a game.

You'd sell the ipad you bought a month ago when you first got to Thailand and thought you were an Aussie millionaire wouldn’t you? Yeah, that's what I thought too.

So I put up ads in the building where I live and I get a phone call 10 minutes later.

'' Annabelle? you put add for ipad downstairs''
'' Yesssss I've got it here, it's brand new'' I say, smiling at Sue my Russian friend. We had plans on what we could do with the money already. Like have a dinner that did not include rice, have a coffee that does not include instant ( aka fly to Australia) and go to Chiang Mai or something.

'' You can't put ads in this building. We removed it.' the voice said.

LOOOSER . Game over. Play again?

Alright . So me, my Russian and my ipad we went to the market. I'd sell it there since I bought it there. That and my cleavage ( sorry French accent not working here, they don't speak English. Only have one other weapon) would give us enough money for all the coffees and rice free meals.

'' Sorry . Made in China''
'' Yep. So is everything here. How much ?''
'' No we don't buy. Rubbish.''

Yep. They sell it but there is NO way they'd buy it. Don't be silly. It's for freaking tourists. HAHA.

As if it was not bad enough, a guy with a perfect English showed up laughing and said :

'' Don't know where you bought it but you got ripped off''

LOOOOOOSER . Game over. Play again ?

Yes I will rip somebody more stupid than me off one day. You don't know anyone who needs a fake ipad , do you?

And no, the cleavage did not help. But the tattoo made them laugh. It does make people laugh. Usually. Yeah , that ‘s what to do when you’re travelling. Tattoo? ..How fun would it be to have one. So you get it done.Just like that. . Part of the game. And it looks cool my ‘’ Made in France ‘’ tattoo.

'' I've been following the conversation you're having with your friend and I don't think you need this tattoo with the thick accent you have'' says that random guy, in the tube at rush hour, in French.

What are YOU ? Made in Fucking Paris?

No I did not say it. Way too arrogant. I just thought it. Otherwise that would have made ME from fucking Paris.
Another French guy said to his girlfriend in English looking at me '' I should have one of them too''
I don't know exactly what he meant since she violently kicked him after that.
They obviously thought that I did not speak a word of English since I was made in France. Oui Oui.

'' You seriously are going to ENGLAND with this Tattoo?'' said another random French guy I met tonight at the airport. '' Now THAT is brave''

LOOOOOSER. Game over…. Play again?

Ah travelling is a magic thing. You care for everyone and anyone. Because we’re all brothers, mate.

That's how you end up in Starbucks sipping an ice green tea jelly made in Thailand to access the free wifi ( sorry Ronald YOUR free wi fi stinks too much for a poor vegetarian like me ) to check your Facebook for the 23rd time because you don't know where the hell the friend you were supposed to meet 3 days ago has disappeared.

A phone? Yes I'd have an iphone made in China if only I could sell my bloody ipad. Thank you.

A friend from Brighton. South Africa actually. But in the end, we're all from Brighton aren't we? I will call him Dwight here.

So I go and meet him at the airport. And guess who waits for 2 hours at the wrong exit holding a sign that read '' Lady boy from Brighton'' besides an actual lady boy? ME. And guess who never found him?

LOOOOOOOSER. ( with nothing to lose)

2 days later I get seriously worried. So I go and check if he actually arrived in Thailand and decides to go to his hostel. I went through the check in book with the lady boy from reception. And I was relieved to find his name.

'' Only stayed one night. Gone now'' So he was still alive somewhere in this world. Great !!!!

So Why was this woman/man (they?) staring at me with a compassionate look that meant '' BASTARD , he left without you didn't he.'' No no he's just a friend, we live together in a hostel in....

It was too late. I was the crazy ex girlfriend / stalker for everyone there. Smile. And leave. NOW.

LOOOOOS….. Yeah I’ve got it thanks.

Ah travelling. You just take any opportunity to have fun. What have you got to lose?

Flying is the best part. On what other occasion can you feel good about doing freaking nothing except eating / sleeping / watching crap movies for 16 hours? And pop in to India on your way back to England from Thailand? The best part was chatting about the weather in the UK with an English man drinking a Tiger beer while watching the cheesiest Bollywood movie ever. Or when the pilot told the passengers to sit down due to turbulences about 45 times and the Indians still could not care less.

What ? How was India? Mate. Amazing. I stayed for 3 whole hours. At the airport. Did not get to change my location on Facebook (LOOSER) but can say to people that I’ve been to India now.
Oh and do you know when you are a REAL passionate writer btw? It's when you ask Air India staff if you can have 5 more minutes to finish your blog article before boarding the plane. Of course you can't . Was just asking though.....

Travelling? You just go for it. You’ve got nothing to lose.

And the next thing you know you’re at Heathrow airport drinking a coffee in 13 english degrees ( ie -25 Thai degrees or 2 Aussie ones) , you’re back. Suddenly you feel like you have EVERYTHING to lose again………


full of people / places / jobs you LOVE and you don't want to lose....

The game? What game ? . Only one life left. MINE .

Love people for who they are? Make the most out of each experience and let it go? Don’t be silly. Who are you kidding. It’s the real stuff mate. I can’t fuck it up mate, I just can’t.

Me scared? Oh no , Not that AGAIN……

When did it become so damn serious anyway ?

What? Since Me/ myself/ I made it?

So what, you ‘re telling me it’s my choice what I want to make it ? That the journey is not over yet???

LIFE is a journey mate. And you only stop travelling through it when you stop being YOU.

It’s just the end of the beginning of a new experience. With loads of fun. With loads of people to love for who they are. Nothing to lose, everything to gain. If only you could dare to….

So… Play again?


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